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roll against cancer.

Proudly hosted by cauliflower

My name is Ryan Gibson (the boy behind cauliflower), and I would deeply appreciate everyone’s help and support at whatever capacity to make this event as great as possible.

I will be doing a 12-hour straight Jiu Jitsu roll at my local Jiu Jitsu Academy (located in South Geelong at DC Jiu Jitsu). Everyone is welcome to join, I am encouraging for all ages, all levels, all backgrounds to do their part to support this great cause.

It is going to be 12 hours, so I would love your company whether we are sharing some knowledge and techniques, having a roll, or if you just swing past to say hello and donate!

I will be doing my best to involve the local community that I am so proud to be a part of!

What this project is.


 SUNDAY JULY 6th, I pledge from 8AM-8PM I shall be on the Jiu Jitsu Mat non-stop and continuously rolling and doing what I love for a great cause.


12 hours of open mat, drilling, GI + NO-GI, sharing knowledge, and just having fun whilst spreading awareness and trying our very best to help the ACRF.


All are welcome. Any level. Any background. OPEN MAT FOR ALL.

More Information

At its core it is for my Grandpa, Djohan Effendi, who was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. It really took its toll on him, myself, the family, and such a larger scale community too. My Grandpa was such an influential person, and I would love to be able to pay an homage to him and help as many people as possible!

I will be personally using as many tools as possible at my disposal to make this as unique and innovative as I can. From my clothing brand and its platform at “Cauliflower”, to the small businesses I love and support, and all the creative individuals I have met – I will be working hard to ensure the local community is a part of the entire process.

I wanted this to be as personable and as “me” as possible – Jiu Jitsu was the perfect way to express myself through my art and passion.

And I shall be creating with the help of some other individuals and brands – special merchandise, items of clothing, and accessories with all proceeds going towards the Foundation. Raffles will be made too.

All funds raised from the “Roll Against Cancer” will be directly going towards the ACRF.


I am so proud to be apart of this and the entire process.

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